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Reading: The Musician’s Tug of War


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The Musician’s Tug of War


Haley Fishberger


The lives of musicians are filled with difficult choices and battles. Often, the most prominent battle they face is the tug of war between technique and passion. This essay explores this tug of war through juxtaposing the aura of the practice rooms during the day with the aura of the practice rooms at night. The author analyzes the influence of these differing auras on the creativity, artistry, and overall mindsets of music students. She utilizes her observations of the Frost School of Music practice rooms, the observations of other music students, and the evidence from a scientific study on the body’s productivity throughout the day. To synthesize this information, she describes her personal experience as a music student, her struggle with balancing technical perfection and creative passion, and the way in which the healing aura of the practice rooms at night helped her solidify her artistic identity.

How to Cite: Fishberger, H., 2017. The Musician’s Tug of War. Audley Webster Memorial Essay Contest, p.4.
Published on 01 Dec 2017.
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