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Reading: Seeking Understanding at the Lowe


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Seeking Understanding at the Lowe


Joseph Broehl


This essay explores the ideas of John Berger and Jeanette Winterson, found in the respective works Ways of Seeing and Art Objects, in tandem with personal experiences at the Lowe Art Museum, as well as an analysis of the Giovanni Paolo Panini's art work titled, A Capriccio of Classical Ruins with Christ Healing the Lame at the Pool of Bethesda. The exploration of Berger and Winterson’s ideas, found within this essay, is structured as a first-person point of view journey and a “conversation” with Panini’s work.

How to Cite: Broehl, J., 2018. Seeking Understanding at the Lowe. Audley Webster Memorial Essay Contest, p.8.
Published on 16 Dec 2018.
Peer Reviewed


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