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Reading: Rhyming Through the Storm: Poetry as a Mental Health Intervention


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Rhyming Through the Storm: Poetry as a Mental Health Intervention


Ava Dora Mandele


The purpose of this research study is to explore the effectiveness of self-expression-based programming, specifically poetry programs, in regards to combatting the current mental health crisis plaguing the United States. The first phase of the research involves reviewing several external sources in order to gain knowledge on current poetry therapy practices, structured writing programs and youth intervention methods. The second phase of the project explains the parameters of the study, including program partners, and focuses on the collection of primary data such as photos of poems and observations. The third phase focuses on the analysis of the primary data collect while connecting the observations and findings to the prior studies used in the first phase of the project. The final phase implements the research and analysis from all phases and discusses recommendations for future programming endeavors, along with future research needs regarding mental health issues. By identifying programming that is adaptable, effective and inexpensive, society will have a better understanding of how to create programs that engage children and youth in a positive conversation around mental health and serve as an intervention method for children and youth struggling with mental illness.

How to Cite: Mandele, A.D., 2019. Rhyming Through the Storm: Poetry as a Mental Health Intervention. Audley Webster Memorial Essay Contest, p.4.
Published on 12 May 2019.
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